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Legacy Program and Events

For family and friends, the death of a baby is heartbreaking. Parents are often asked if donations can be sent. Other families start fundraising events that raise money for research and education. First Candle’s Legacy Program can help you set up a fund or start an event today.

Join with us to remember all of the babies whose lives continue to make a difference


First Birthday Parties

Pledge your baby’s first birthday party to raise funds for First Candle to help other babies reach their first birthday.


Buy from Our Store

Hospitals, nurseries, and daycares can purchase First Candle safe sleep products for the babies they care for.



Pregnant and Empowered


Empowering pregnant moms with life saving knowledge to make sure they have the healthiest pregnancy possible. This program makes HEALTH the #1 priority for pregnancy, start to finish!

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Baby Showers on U.S. Military Bases to Promote Infant Safe Sleep
sponsored by Delta Children

At our U.S. Military Base Baby Showers, moms-to-be build a network of support and lifesaving information on the importance safe sleep in preventing infant injuries is presented. Needy military families receive a free crib from Delta Children and other products for their baby.


Baby Safety in Day Care and with the Babysitter
sponsored by Love to Dream and Regal Lager

This infant safe sleep education program is both for parents looking for the best child care and for child care providers to ensure their staffs are fully trained and tested in the latest infant safety protocols.


Baby Safety when Grandparents are in Charge
sponsored by Halo Innovations

Each working day, more than 5 million grandparents in the United States provide childcare to their grandchildren. This program gives recommendations about the best environment for the child, safety issues, special needs, and how parents and grandparents can work together to make sure their baby stays safe.

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Find out more about Stillbirth, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID). It’s the knowledge that can save lives!



Every day, First Candle donors raise money to fund research around the causes and prevention of stillbirth, SIDS and SUID. Furthering research is often the primary focus for families when a baby has died. The sudden, unexpected nature of the death leaves families with more questions than answers when it comes to understanding why their baby died.

This is your portal to learning about the diverse research being funded by First Candle and published in world-renowned medical journals.



First Candle partners with companies dedicated to our important mission: promoting safe pregnancies and the survival of babies through the first years of life. Learn more about our current corporate partners and the programs we have created with them:

Safe Sleep Media Stars

Safe Sleep in Day Care

Pregnant and Empowered

Safe Sleep for Military Parents

If your company isn’t working with us yet, find out how we can create a tailored program that matches your company with a specific life-saving project. Together, we can promote healthy habits with new parents, educate caregivers and save baby’s lives!