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About First Candle

Board of Directors

Meet First Candle’s Board. They guide the organization strategically and oversee our finances. They also advocate for First Candle to bring new opportunities our way.

Our History

Find out our story. First Candle has been saving babies’ lives, spearheading research, educating new moms and dads, and bringing hope to grieving families for decades.

First Candle Team

Connect with the staff. Our employees are professional and compassionate. In offices all over the country, they work hard to fulfill our mission and see our vision become a reality.

Medical Directors

Learn about the men and women who guide our research. First Candle leads the way in research funding and publicizing outcomes of that research to parents and caregivers around the world.

Federal Partners

Discover the federal agencies that work with First Candle. Our message and programs correspond with well-established guidelines and protocols from our friends in these agencies.

Financial Statements

Review our internal financial documents. First Candle budgets its finances to ensure long-term sustainability, create effective programs, and fund cutting-edge research.

Contact Us

Reach out to First Candle. We are available for grief counseling, seminars, advocacy, research findings, funding opportunities, and corporate sponsorships.