Setting Up Your Sleep Product

  • Be sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions when assembling a sleep product. Proper assembly is critical to your baby’s safety!
  • If you are missing any parts, or you are not sure how to assemble the product correctly, contact the manufacturer before using the product.
  • Do not use replacement parts, including screws and bolts, unless you receive them directly from the manufacturer.
  • The crib, bassinette or play yard, including any side rails, should be fully and securely set up before use.
  • Make sure all latching features are in place and secure.
  • If the product folds for travel or storing, be sure that it assembles securely and that the legs don’t fold accidentally when it’s in use.
  • Never place your baby’s sleep product near a window. Always be sure that window coverings and decorations are cordless or that long cords are far out of reach of babies and children.
  • Be sure that the mattress height setting is appropriate for the size and weight of your baby.