Beyond Diapers: What Else Needs To Change In Day Care?

First Candle’s Safe Sleep in Day Cares Program, sponsored by Regal Lager, Inc, is grounded in science. Here is the study that shows how effective it is to spend time... Read More

“If There’s No Mama, There’s No Baby”

  “I couldn’t sleep. I felt anxious all day and sick from the pregnancy. Every time I looked at my daughter I felt overwhelmed by guilt that I wasn’t the... Read More

The Life Saving Video You Need to See

As part of its Safe to Sleep campaign, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development produced this video to educate grandparents-to-be and other trusted caregivers about safe infant sleep practices and ways... Read More

Do At Home Births Raise Risks?

More American women are giving birth at home or in birthing centers. How safe is it to have your baby outside a hospital? A recent report in The New England Journal of Medicine... Read More

Eliminate Preventable Stillbirths

Today, First Candle hosted the launch of The Lancet series on Ending Preventable Stillbirths. Our goal is to eliminate preventable stillbirths by 2030. Stillbirths are one the most neglected tragedies in... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions about Cord Blood Banking

1. What is the difference between private cord blood banking and public cord blood banking? Private cord blood banking is storing the baby’s cord blood for his/her own future use... Read More

Global Launch of The Lancet’s Ending Preventable Stillbirths Series

In the United States, stillbirths are more common than infant deaths. These pregnancy losses take a tremendous emotional toll on families and their health care providers. Compared to other countries,... Read More

Immunizations and SIDS

There seems to be a common misconception that vaccines are somehow associated with SIDS deaths. This is not true! Experts warn that the risk of leaving your baby unprotected is... Read More

What is that post baby belly pooch? And how do I fix it?

Now that your baby has come along. You probably want to get back to the way you looked before. But for some reason that “post baby belly pooch” is more... Read More

First Candle Board Member Joseph Shamie inducted into Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame

Delta Children co-president honored for donating cribs to families in need NEW YORK, N.Y. – Joseph Shamie, the co-president of crib and baby furniture manufacturer Delta Children, has been inducted into... Read More