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Long Distance Grief Support – How to Help from Miles Away

Losing a baby forever changes the lives of parents. They will never see life the same way. They will never be the same people. As they attempt to move forward, bereaved parents realize... Read More

Why First Candle Supports Paid Parental Leave and Baby Safety

BY ERIN DURKIN The parents of a baby who died on his first day at a SoHo daycare will be at Mayor de Blasio’s State of the City speech Thursday... Read More

Is light drinking while pregnant okay? Here’s what the evidence says.

by Julia Belluz This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came out with a new campaign advising all sexually active women of childbearing age who aren’t using contraception... Read More

Creating a Life-Saving Sleep Environment For Babies

Creating a risk-free nursery is a priority for parents. Following these important guidelines can help reduce the risk of unexpected death. “Safe sleep is one of the most important practices for new... Read More

Sharing Your Sorrow and Your Story

“When I was 38 weeks, I noticed the baby wasn’t moving the same way. But I thought, there’s only so much room. And you will yourself to think that.” – Dr.... Read More

Depression in Both Mothers and Fathers is Associated With an Increased Risk of Preterm Birth

A new study finds that having a mother or father who is depressed increases the risk of preterm birth. According to Swedish researchers at BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics &... Read More

Fact vs. Myth: What You Need To Know About The Zika Virus

News travels faster now than ever before, some of it accurate, some of it … not so much. Here’s the latest gathering on reliable information pertaining to the Zika Virus,... Read More

Being Obese BEFORE Getting Pregnant and Infant Deaths

Being obese BEFORE getting pregnant is strongly associated with infant mortality, and compliance with weight-gain guidelines during pregnancy has a limited impact on that mortality risk, a new study led... Read More

Protecting Babies From Sleep-Related Deaths Starts With Painting a Clear Picture

Today’s parents and parents-to-be rely a great deal on the Internet, print and broadcast media to inform their childcare and parenting practices. Yet in a recent study of magazines targeting... Read More

BABIES“R”US GREAT TRADE-IN EVENT: 1.1 Million Trade-Ins and Counting

As the world’s leading dedicated baby products retailer, Babies“R”Us is committed to helping parents keep kids safe. Through their national safety event, Babies”R”Us provides consumers with its latest call to action... Read More