There are 5 types of presentations:

  • Single Oral Presenter
  • Poster
  • Group Thematic Panel
  • Workshop
  • Roundtable Proposal


Single-Presenter Oral Proposal:
Oral sessions provide an opportunity for conference participants to hear the latest information on a topic from individual presentations.

  • Single oral sessions are presented in lecture style for a large group, but not all conference participants.
  • Room configurations will allow for questions from the audience.
  • Single oral session abstracts will be accepted individually and combined with other presentations into 90-minute sessions by the conference track co-chairs. Recommended presentation length is 15-20 minutes. Additional details about the abstract presentations will be provided at the time of abstract acceptance.
  • All research based abstracts should describe investigation methods and primary findings in sufficient detail to allow reviewers to fully evaluate the scientific merit of the work. Abstracts failing to do so will not be reviewed.
  • The Program Committees reserves the right to accept the submission as a poster instead of an oral presentation.

Please Note: To accommodate breaking news of scientific and programmatic developments that surfaced after the abstract deadline, a limited number of late-breaker abstracts will be considered for inclusion in the program. This will be a separate abstract submission process. Additional information about the submission of late breaker abstracts will be available in spring 2012 on the conference website.


Poster Proposal:
Poster sessions will be held at designated times during the conference to allow participants to view research findings and interact with authors. This presentation format should not be confused with an oral session. The conference organizers will determine how the posters will be grouped once all confirmations have been received.  Information on poster size and presentation day/time will be sent to authors after abstracts have been accepted.



NEW OPTION Group Thematic Panel Proposal:
Group oral sessions comprise 3-4 presenters who collectively submit a proposal based on a common theme or topic for one 90-minute session.

  • A limited number of these sessions will be available in the conference program.
  • Group oral sessions are presented in lecture style for a large group, but not all conference participants.
  • Room configurations will allow for questions from the audience.
  • The proposal requires a summary describing the importance of the panel theme and an abstract for each panel member.

NEW OPTIONWorkshop Proposal:
These small, interactive training seminars address practical topics of concern for researchers, public health professionals,  medical professionals, bereavement specialists, and organizations.

  • The format of the workshops usually includes a combination of didactic presentations, interactive discussions, and hands-on techniques, depending on the topic presented.
  • Total length of session is 90 minutes.
  • Attendance is open but may be limited in size to encourage highly interactive sessions.
  • Submitted proposals will be reviewed by members of the Program Committees.
  • Workshops will be selected that are of highest quality; maximize audience participation; address a novel or critical topic; meet a match between the perceived needs and interests of participants; and, on the skills and expertise of the leaders.
  • We specifically invite workshop proposals that address the following topics: effective risk reduction campaigns, bereavement support and  program development.

The most successful workshops address innovative ideas, learner-centered needs, and utilize an interactive format. Major criteria used for educational workshop selection will include:

  • A topic that is timely and important for the intended audience.
  • Learning objectives that are clear and appropriate.
  • Format that is interactive, maximizing audience participation, and attractive to registrants.
  • The skills and expertise of the leaders

While the format may vary, the workshop should be designed to facilitate discussions between workshop leaders and participants. The workshop may include a short didactic presentation, but the main intention of the workshops is to actively involve the attendees in the learning process.

NEW OPTIONRoundtable Proposal:
Roundtables provide an opportunity for participants to informally discuss a specific topic, relevant to one or more of the conference tracks. Generally, a brief overview of the discussion topic is provided, followed by the interactive discussion with attendees. A maximum of two facilitators is requested. Conference participants are seated in a circle to facilitate active participation in a 30-minute discussion.  Those interested in facilitating a roundtable should submit a roundtable abstract.


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