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Urging everyone who takes or uses photos of sleeping babies (or products intended for sleeping babies)
to adhere to First Candle’s Safe Sleep Image Guidelines.

Report any unsafe sleep photos you see in the media to laura@firstcandle.org.

Download a print-friendly copy of First Candle's Safe Sleep Image Guidelines

First Candle is calling on everyone who creates or uses photos of sleeping babies, or products  intended for sleeping babies, to pledge adherence to the following lifesaving safe sleep image guidelines:

Always Show:

  • Babies being placed to sleep or sleeping on their backs.
  • Cribs, portable cribs, play yards and bassinets that meet current safety standards, and are free from any soft bedding items, i.e. blankets, quilts, bumper pads and stuffed animals or toys. Bassinets should not have padded sides.
  • Babies sleeping ALONE, not with a parent other adult, child or pet.
  • Mattresses that fit snugly in the crib, play yard or bassinet, covered with only a tight-fitting sheet.
  • Crib mattresses at the lowest level for babies old enough to pull up or stand.

Never  Show:

  • Babies sleeping in positioners or on wedges.
  • Babies sleeping on any surface other than a firm mattress, including a parent's chest, adult bed, sofa, chair, pillow or other unsafe place.
  • Babies sleeping in car seats, swings, bouncy seats or similar products.
  • Cribs, play yards and bassinets near windows, draperies, or blind/shade cords.
  • Crib gyms or mobiles in photos of babies who appear to be older than five months.

When Possible Show:

  • Room sharing for babies younger than six months, showing the baby's separate, safe, sleep space in the room with or alongside the adult bed.
  • A pacifier with a sleeping baby older than one month.
  • Sleeping babies dressed in a wearable blanket or other type sleeper clothing for warmth.

By working together, we can help babies survive and thrive . . . because every baby deserves a first birthday!

About the Campaign

Learn more about why this campaign is being nationally recognized as the first of it's kind to address unsafe sleep practices depicted in the media.

Safe Sleep Image Guidelines

We are urging everyone who takes or uses photos of sleeping babies to adhere to First Candle's Safe Sleep Image Guidelines.

Benefits for Eligible Media Stars

In order to showcase your organization’s care and commitment to getting babies safely to their first birthday, you will receive a unique benefit package.


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