kick-counting-on-sidePick a time of day when your baby is usually most active, ideally after you have had a snack or light meal. It is best to perform your kick count at the same time every day.

Sit with your feet up or lie down on your side when you are ready to start counting. If you think your baby is asleep, try pushing on your tummy or getting up and walking around for a few minutes to wake him. You can also try drinking something cold. Don’t start counting until you know your baby is awake.

  • First, count each of your baby’s movements as one kick. Kicks include twists, turns, swishes, rolls and jabs. Don’t count hiccups.
  • Then, count until you reach 10 kicks and log the number of minutes it took on your chart. It will take most moms less than 30 minutes to count 10 kicks, but could take up to two hours.

After a week or two, you will see that the kicking varies from day to day, but for the most part the days seem similar. This will continue to be the case for a healthy baby.

kick-counting-chart-clipUsing a Kick Count Chart is Easy

When you have performed your kick count for Day 1, simply check the box that corresponds with the number of minutes it took for you to feel 10 kicks. For example, if it took 15 minutes, you would go down the Day 1 column until you found the line for 11-15 minutes and put your check mark in that box. If it took an hour, you would scroll down to the line for 56-60 minutes and put your check mark there.

That’s it! Repeat the same process every day for the remaining weeks of your pregnancy. Take your chart with you to your doctor visits.