For Grief Support Call: 1-800-221-7437
  • Find your state’s Governor and contact information on the Internet by searching for “Governor of (your state)”.
  • Write a Letter to the Governor and either mail it USPS or email it if you are able to obtain the email information from the web site.  You can also contact your Senator to request help in getting the Proclamation.  Our government representatives are very busy people, so it is helpful to include a sample proclamation (see attached).  This can help speed the process along as well.
  • Let them know that you would like to pick the proclamation up in person. That way you may be able to get a photo that can be used in any publications or media opportunities.
  • Be sure to ask that the proclamation be placed on the Governor’s web site. It would be a good idea to see if you can get the proclamation placed on your state representative’s web sites as well.
  • No reply from your contact?  Follow up with an email or a telephone call 10-14 business days after you sent the original request.
  • If you know of other groups in your state interested in obtaining a proclamation, it might be helpful to work together. Only one proclamation per state will be issued for all to use.
  • Be sure to write a thank you note to the Governor and your local representatives.   First Candle would appreciate having a copy of your proclamation for our files if possible!